The story behind “Career woman”

Graphite sketch

Background initial color

The story behind “Career woman”

The reference is an image taken with my smartpone in front of a live career woman.
The camera’s wide angle view distorts the perspective in an interesting way. The thighs in the front becomes enlarged. The proportions of the hands are minimally distorted although the index fingers display clear foreshortening. The upper part of the trunk and the head are both foreshortened.
Sitting right in front of her I accidentally hold the smartphone tilted.
All in all, an interesting composition which inspired me to proceed into oil. An initial graphite sketch gave me an idea of how to convert the photo into a painting. Photoshop was used to test various possibilities for clothes, head (form and expression) and background (color?, doors? Windows?).

Early stage oil on canvas

Late stage oil on canvas

Gallery – Career woman



Visual artist

Maybe I am very human. What I want to do is to paint the human body in interesting ways