The story behind “living a dream”

Graphite A4 version

Graphite on canvas

The story behind “Living a dream”

A submissive girlfriend of mine agreed to perform as live model. Taking an elevated position, I managed to get some nice pictures while she was kneeling on the wooden floor.
As usual I began producing graphite sketches based on these images and in the process, I ended up with a drawing, which I decided to display on my website. The title of the drawing became “living a dream”.
Then, I went for the canvas. First, I transferred the drawing with a projector and subsequently I began the grisaille oil layer.
The original smartphone image was modified in Photoshop. Increased contrast and skewing towards red tones.
From there on the oil painting pretty much built itself on the 120×80 cm (47.24 x 31.49 inches) canvas.
The video and the GIF finalized the process

Early stage oil on canvas

Late stage oil on canvas

Gallery – Living a dream



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