The story behind “Wife in the corner

The story behind “wife in the corner

The black and white ”wife in the corner” artwork was derived from photoshop experiments with a digital image that I had taken of my wife posing in a corner. I enjoyed very much the final result. Some artistic decisions were made while I cleaned up after having applied filters. Then, for a very fair price I got a simple B/W printout (60cm x 105 cm) on the cheapest paper available. It looked great! And we enjoyed the artwork very much for years. Following relocation to our current apartment the artwork is no longer on display due to lack of wall space. I also produced a digital drawing based on the same digital image but I always liked the simpler line version the most. In my recent revival of digital art I have experimented further with colors and 4×4 collections of “wife in the corner”

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Maybe I am very human. What I want to do is to paint the human body in interesting ways